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by sol-admin

The UiPath Automation Cloud is a great way to start with RPA. Here are some arguments – why.

1. The UiPath Automation Cloud is free for (and not just trial free) for individuals and small teams who need powerful automation and cloud-based simplicity, but a limited number of robots. For enterprises, it has a free 60-day trial – so you can still start instantly – but you can add unlimited robots, choose the region your data is stored in, get UiPath support, and an uptime guarantee.

2. SaaS delivery means no upfront hardware and infrastructure costs, and lower TCO. You’ll pay only for what you need. Plus, you’ll always have the latest versions and the newest features.

3. The UiPath Automation Cloud is Veracode and ISO 27001 certified by the experts. And it comes with guaranteed uptime and disaster recovery.

Let’s take a look at the demo where Karl solved a problem to get the robot to the big boss.