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by sol-admin

This is a demo about imagined John and his exhausting daily routine. His life was pretty miserable until a few digital companions gave him a hand. With those bots all John’s tasks getting done in record time and without any error.

And how did John get there? Well, John proposed that the repetitive tasks he was doing get automated instead. He did this by using UiPath Automation Hub, a tool that puts you in the driving seat of automation, allowing you to identify those mind-numbing tasks and submitting ideas to delegate drudgery to your digital helpers.

And now John’s dreams have come true. It’s only 11 a.m, and he’s setting up his share session with Javier and Lynn. And tomorrow, he’ll be training with his team to prepare for the company charity marathon.

Want to find out more about how Automation Hub can empower you to worry less about your job and do more of the work you love?

Watch this demo and give it a try.