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UiPath Automation Launchpad – The GPS for Automation Programs

by Ant Sh
UiPath Automation Launchpad

UiPath Automation Launchpad is an automation CoE leader’s ultimate tool to scale and evangelize automation programs. Best of all, Automation Launchpad greatly reduces administrative overhead when managing an automation initiative. It also helps the users stay compliant with the CoE’s and IT’s governance best practices. UiPath Automation Launchpad has an out-of-the-box interface, so the users have one place to:

  • Learn about Robotic Process Automation, sign up for program events, and be inspired by how others in the organization are benefitting from automation
  • Easily track their automation journey, whether they are automation users or citizen developers
  • Request access to UiPath products using an IT-approved process
  • Take required trainings via UiPath Academy or courses in the learning management system
  • Submit an idea in UiPath Automation Hub
  • Build automations with an easy UiPath StudioX launch button and follow proper governance
  • Run automations in UiPath Assistant with an easy Assistant launch button
  • Stay connected by seeing their robot usage stats, leaderboards, and other engagement initiatives you may have
  • Get access to all the resources and support you provide users such as FAQs, Team/Slack channels, forums, or ticket submission

According to UiPath’s blog, early results of Automation Launchpad’s impact show tremendous promise among customers:

  • 140% increase in UiPath Assistant use
  • 86% increase in StudioX use


“We started our automation journey with UiPath three years ago. Automation Launchpad has been a perfect fit for scaling our citizen developer program and giving it structure. It provides budding developers a very consistent path for the onboarding process. Having a tool like Automation Launchpad is going to increase engagement in our automation program.”

Sebastian Villalobos, RPA Developer, World Fuel Services

To try out Automation Launchpad, sign up here.