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UiPath Certified Professional Program

by sol-admin

There are many industry reports showing that professionals with RPA skills are in high demand. An increased demand creates scaling competition. What if you want to become a dream employee for any organization? Meet UiPath Certified Professional program designed to validate your RPA experience and help you stand out on the job market.

UiPath Certified Professional is a high-stakes certification program designed to help you advance your career in robotic process automation (RPA) solutions across industries. The program enables you to get globally recognized RPA credentials that strengthen your professional standing and increase your job efficiency and satisfaction.

The path to a UiPath RPA Certification is straightforward and contains 5 steps:

  • Choose which exam is right for you.
  • Check out free training at UiPath Academy
  • Take free online practice tests to ensure you are ready to take the proctored exam
  • Schedule and take your exam in a test center or remotely via OnVUE
  • Manage your credentials, and share your digital badges

Your credentials in the UiPath Certified Professional program will not expire. However, the value of your credential might reduce over time. That’s why UiPath encourages you to maintain the value of your credential by taking new versions of the exam as and when they are introduced.

To learn more about this program you can download a .pdf version of the certifications FAQ.