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UiPath Clipboard AI

by Ant Sh
UiPath Clipboard AI

UiPath recently announced that, in the coming weeks, it will introduce Clipboard AI, a “breakthrough tech that will finally unleash individuals to leverage powerful AI tools on their desktops… with absolutely zero coding required”.

The vendor has already launched its Clipboard AI preview site, which includes demos and videos that bring to life the new technology. With Clipboard AI, UiPath is putting AI from GPT, and other powerful machine learning (ML) technologies to work.

Copying data here and pasting it there is definitely not what we are meant for! So hand off those tasks to UiPath Clipboard AI, which can copy the information not only from the text documents, but also from scans, screenshots, or screens—making it instantly actionable.

Although UiPath Clipboard AI will be fully introduced in the coming weeks, you can already join the waitlist to be among the first to discover this AI tool.