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UiPath Community Surpassed 1.5 Million Members and The Vendor Reveales Three New Features For Them

by sol-admin

UiPath strives to democratize information, access and learning around the formative era of automation. With more than 1.5 million members strong and growing, the UiPath Community is the largest automation community in the world, connecting customers, partners, freelancers, enthusiasts, and beginners to UiPath. To continually improve the Community, the leading software company today announced its new features to help developers and users around the world deepen their knowledge and advance their careers. Let’s look at these three features for UiPath Community in short:

Community Mentorship Program
The UiPath Community Mentorship Program pairs mentees with mentors who are experienced RPA development professionals to guide them in their journey by fostering both soft skills and technical expertise. With a minimum of six meetings and other support, mentees can gain knowledge, skills, and understanding of the automation ecosystem.

Use case repository
An extensive list of use cases authored by Community members is now available and functions as an invaluable guidebook for others to gain learning experience. Any Community member is eligible to contribute a use case. Use cases include an overview, details on which UiPath products and other applications were used, skill level, applicable industry categories, and the top return on investment (ROI) driver.

UiPath Community job board
As the fastest-growing enterprise software technology, automation is expanding and companies across industries and geographies are seeking to fill automation roles. The new job board is a convenient, fast way to post job openings and view open roles shared within the world’s largest automation community. From freelance work to full-time employment in dozens of countries, finding the right hire or landing a new opportunity based on UiPath skills is a click away.

“We’re proud to be a community-driven company that brings together ideas and connects people in new ways to help prepare for the future of work. Companies are just scratching the surface in how automation can help their business and the scope and scale of automation will reach orders of magnitude higher than what we’re experiencing today. With the UiPath Community, our members are creating an incredible knowledge base that anyone can tap into and embark on a meaningful career.”

Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Learning, UiPath