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by sol-admin

As you know, with every technology comes data. We need to store it, manage it, and keep it secure without fail. And we want to easily share it with the right people at the right time and always keep it up to date. Otherwise, it can get complicated, even messy.

UiPath Data Service makes it easy for you to model, manage and store all your automation data. So that you can access them quickly, safely, and seamlessly across all your automations.

You will be able to bring all that data you have in various databases, custom apps, enterprise, and legacy systems into one place and also to get rid of those data silos. With UiPath bots matching the latest data for you, you and your team don’t have to keep toggling through all the various systems. Instead of writing out lines of code, model any type of data whether that’s text, numeric, date-time, relational, files, choice sets, or any other types of data your business works with.

In addition, thanks to the role-based access, you take charge and ensure the right people and the right bots access your business data. And if you need to go bigger UiPath Data Service can scale with the limitless capacity and security of UiPath Automation Cloud backing it up.

In this demo, you’ll see how you can model and manage permissions with the UiPath Data Service.