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UiPath Empowers Customers to Harness the Latest GenAI Capabilities

by Ant Sh
UiPath Empowers Customers to Harness the Latest GenAI Capabilities

Let’s learn from the best in class how to harness AI for your organizations’ needs! Here are the major takeaways from UiPath AI Summit 2024, which actually are the company’s formula how to turn AI potential into business results:

  • Feed your AI models the right context with context grounding.
  • Choose and deploy the best AI in class for every task.
  • Give your AI the power to act and make an impact.

The emergence of generative AI represents a paradigm shift for businesses. To survive and thrive, enterprises need to quickly adapt to the new reality and learn how to harness the full potential of generative AI.

The first step is to understand the technology’s limitations. Off-the-shelf, generative AI has a broad, generic understanding of the world, its performance is spotty across different tasks, and it has no capacity to trigger any action in large or complex enterprises.

To maximize AI potential, business leaders need to ground models in the context of their business. They must integrate AI with automation to enable it to take action and make an impact. And they need to maintain a diversity of specialized and generative models, ensuring they have the best tool for every task.

That’s why UiPath goes on unveiling new generative AI connectors, allowing businesses to harness the best AI models for their needs and apply them to automations across the UiPath Platform:

During its recent AI Summit 2024, UiPath announced the new IBM watsonx.ai connector, providing vendor’s customers with access to multiple foundational models currently available in watsonx.ai. GenAI use cases, such as summarization, Q&A, task classification, and optimization for chat, are quickly integrated and infused into new and existing UiPath workflows and frameworks.