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UiPath Has Established Its New Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board

by sol-admin

UiPath has recently introduced its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisory Board to be comprised of AI leaders and experts from academia, the technology industry, and the ethics community, which will help foster the UiPath AI Research and Incubation function focused on research in machine learning and AI investments. The goal of the research is to help develop the next wave of transformational technologies at the intersection of automation and AI.

The AI Advisory Board will also provide guidance to UiPath on investments to advance trustworthy, explainable, and ethical AI – challenges particularly prominent for fostering collaborative human-AI relationships. Working with the Advisory Board, UiPath plans to expand its practical guidance on managing ethical questions as customers deploy its automation and AI technologies into the workplace to work with, and alongside, humans.

“AI is poised to play an increasingly large role in societies across the world. Accordingly, there is a growing interest in ensuring that it is used in a responsible and beneficial manner. A range of perspectives and contributions are needed, spanning the full spectrum from fundamental research to sustained deployments. I’m honored to have the opportunity to chair this important initiative for UiPath to help ensure human-centered automation methods are deployed to establish ethical, inclusive, and accountable AI systems.”

Dr. Oren Etzioni, Chairman, UiPath AI Advisory Board