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UiPath Has Introduced the Newest Member of Its Robot Team, a Caring Bot

by sol-admin
UiPath Has Introduced the Newest Member of Its Robot Team, a Caring Bot

Jason Warrelmann is the Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at UiPath. Warrelmann has over 10 years of organic experience in delivering a combination of process and digital innovation horizontally across healthcare. Watch the video below to see him telling the origin story of UiPath’s new Caring Robot. The RPA company never intended to add another member to its robot team, but this story will disclose what made UiPath change their minds.

The text copy of the story:

“When we talk about health care, it’s almost impossible to get around the current pandemic that we live in today. It’s not only affected ourselves, but our friends, our family, and the millions of care professionals that treat people like you and me on a daily basis. While trying to improve the lives of people in health care has always been a target of ours, but what the pandemic did is, it made us think. Should we be doing something more for the clinicians?”

“When we looked into various hospitals globally who we were supporting, we found that clinicians took to the automation and the robots in unique ways, especially during this time of crisis. And what’s even better, we saw immediate results. For example, Ireland’s Mater Hospital used automation to free themselves from hours of laborious manual COVID-19 test processes. By doing this, it let them spend more time with their patients, and subsequently, reduced infection rates overall in their health system. What really stopped us in our tracks was that the fact that clinicians started naming our robots. They weren’t just a various technology that was in the health system. They gave them names like Dave, and Judy, and Gizmo. This gave us a sense of a tight-knit community that automation was a part of the clinical care continuum. And for us, that was unique. And also, this was very humbling.”

“In the spirit of showing our appreciation for health care’s front-line workers, we decided to add another member to our family, a robot family. While the decision to create another robot was a clear one, it was by no means taken lightly. Our animated robots are a manifestation of the helping nature of our software robots. Before the pandemic, we had no plans to ever add another robot. And we have no intentions to make more in the future.”

“We pondered over where the best visual cues to represent our health care robot, and landed on the mask, stethoscope, flashing lights, and a medical bag, all things that people associate with our medical care professionals worldwide. Rough sketches became 3D models. We added colors, poses, and tweaked it until it was just right. We got ready to welcome our newest member with open arms. And now, we’re extremely proud to introduce our UiPath Caring Robot. This robot is a small token of appreciation to all clinicians around the world, and their continued tireless effort. So all we can say is, thank you.”