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UiPath Has Invested in French AI Startup H

by Ant Sh
UiPath Has Invested in French AI Startup H

UiPath is among investors of French AI startup H that has recently raised stunning $220M in seed round!

H has managed to raise so much money so quickly because it’s an AI startup working on new models with an impressive founding team. Charles Kantor, the startup’s co-founder and CEO, was a university researcher at Stanford and the four other co-founders all previously worked for DeepMind, the AI company owned by Google.

H is going to work on AI agents: automated systems that can perform tasks that are traditionally performed by human workers. The company’s minimalistic site states that H is working on “frontier action models to boost the productivity of workers.”

Besides their investment, UiPath and other strategic partners are collaborating with “H” on commercial, market access, and computing partnerships.

“I believe there is a tremendous opportunity with H, a company founded by some of the world’s top AI experts who uniquely understand the capabilities required to deliver impactful and evolutionary AI solutions.”

Daniel Dines, Executive Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, UiPath

“The H team will bring the power of GenAI to businesses and business automation via a new generation of action models, capable of completing a succession of tasks to automate complex workflows. I believe this foundational layer will be transformative and give new execution capabilities to software across industries and functions, with the ultimate goal to reach artificial general intelligence for business automation,” Dines adds.