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UiPath Has Provided Free Software Licenses to Launch a Digital Volunteer Helping in Hosting Ukrainian Refugees in The Netherlands

by sol-admin

UiPath Bridge is an initiative intended to bridge the ‘gap’ between non-profit organizations and the application of RPA technology. Non-profit organizations typically do not have the funding and/or resources to use new digital technologies such as RPA. The program fills this gap by providing non-profits with free software licenses and a volunteer team that develops a one-time use case, adding value to the non-profit by the end of the project. Thanks to UiPath Bridge, one of the UiPath Gold Partners, Tacstone Technology, was able to leverage free software licenses and add automation value to Takecarebnb, the organization that’s taking care of hosting Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands right these days. Here is a digest of this case study.

The volunteers of Takecarebnb are personally calling all people who register as a host family. They explain what is involved in the hosting of refugees and what the requirements are for a hosting family. After this initial screening, a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is requested for each potential host family. Application for a VOG are submitted via the website of the Ministry of Justice and Security. Entering the personal data for a VOG application online takes 3 to 4 minutes per application. This means Takecarebnb would have to spend more than 1,000 hours to submit tens of thousands of applications. Not only is this boring work, but mostly it’s valuable time that Takecarebnb volunteers would rather spend on more important tasks to do. Moreover, there was a significant risk that the process of submitting so many applications would be seriously delayed due to a lack of capacity in the team of Takecarebnb.

Christa Hoogveld, one of the many volunteers working for Takecarebnb in the screening of potential host families, told her partner Vincent about this issue at Takecarebnb. As Vincent works as an RPA Developer at Tacstone Technology, he knew immediately that RPA could be a big help here.

Mart Kok, IT Specialist at Takecarebnb, was open to the idea of using a software robot to handle the application of thousands of VOG requests. The VOG application process was already well known to Tacstone from previous assignments, and Kok was able to quickly provide the necessary information. Barely 24 hours later, RPA Developer Bram van Heuvelen had the robot script ready and the first ‘digital volunteer’ of Takecarebnb’ got started!

Up till today, this digital volunteer has already handled more than 4,000 applications. Fast and error free. There is still a considerable amount of work to be done, but the software robot has no issues as it works 24 hours a day, with no lunch breaks and does not intend to go on a holiday.

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