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UiPath Insights: Analyze Performance of Your RPA

by sol-admin

Everybody who runs their automation would like to know, how they can measure the impact and its value within an organization. That’s why it is necessary to measure the effectiveness of not only your automations, but also the value they bring to your business. The demo below reveals how you can start tracking meaningful metrics with UiPath Insights, an end-to-end RPA analytics solution that enables you to track, measure, and forecast the performance of your entire automation program. Let’s take a look at the main features of UiPath Insights:

Calculate Business Impact & ROI

  • Your business and processes require unique KPIs to define success. With Insights you can fully customize the way that you calculate and align your automation goals to the distinct needs of your business.

Measure RPA Performance

  • Situational awareness of your RPA operations is critical to being able to measure and analyze everything from robot and process performance, to transactions and exceptions. Start with the Robots, Queues, and Processes dashboards to get immediate visibility into your RPA operations.

Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

  • Utilize historical data to forecast future operational states, and ML-based anomaly detection and Pulse to get notified about critical events and major milestones. Easily gain new analytical perspectives with recommended breakdowns to your existing data.

A great automation program needs Insights beyond the bot. Start measuring so you can start improving!