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UiPath Meetings: Financial Departments

by sol-admin

A few days ago, UiPath invited 4 speakers for a 45-minute round table where they shared their experiences and points of view about RPA in finance. The four guests are:

Odile Schmutz – Chief Financial Officer, Randstad France
Armand Angeli – Сhairman of CSP, RPA & Intelligent Automation, DFCG
Arnaud Greffet, Director of Safran Finance Services
Cédric Le Menn, Administrative and Financial Director, Korian France

During that panel session the experts answered the following questions:

  • What first made you look into RPA?
  • What challenges do you hope to overcome with it?
  • How did you go about implementing RPA in your companies (steps, target processes)?
  • What are your tips when it comes to implementation?
  • What are the pre-requisites before RPA?
  • What benefits have you gained from RPA?
  • What is your key takeaway?

It might be useful to mention that answering the last question one of the guests said that RPA is going to be Word or Excel in the Future, so a part of our basic toolbox. Watch the full video below to learn all the answers of the other guests of that UiPath Meeting.