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UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App

by sol-admin

UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App is developed to help those who need complete visibility into their RPA environment, even when they’re not at a desk or in office. The App enables you to monitor all the critical aspects of your RPA environment, quickly and easily using your own mobile device.

For example, you can configure UiPath Orchestrator to trigger real-time alerts on the performance of your Robots or provide critical scheduling and licensing information. You can also view detailed at-a-glance dashboards to quickly understand exactly what’s happening in your RPA environment as it happens.

The Key Features:

  • Real-time alerts and filtering
  • Powerful analytics
  • One-touch, on-demand performance monitoring
  • License-usage efficiency

You can check out a few samples of the App interface in this video (and also get the links for downloading the UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App in its description).