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UiPath & Partners Have Opened Ireland’s First Automation School

by sol-admin

Yesterday, UiPath, a leading RPA vendor, shared the news that, in collaboration with ABP and Ireland’s public education sector, it has launched the first automation school in Ireland to educate the next generation of the country’s workforce on automation. The project is supported by UiPath via its Academic Alliance program and replicates a successful initiative implemented last year in Scotland.


  • The ABP School of Automation is committed to creating a healthy ecosystem of talent as the technology industry grows, by addressing the shortage of automation skills that are in high demand.
  • Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board is the state education and training authority for the Limerick and Clare region in Ireland. It is one of 16 statutory regional education authorities.

RPA School
This pilot will see 30 learners16 years old or older undertake an 18-month traineeship offered by Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board. The new initiative will teach the skills required to develop software robots – popular virtual assistants built using RPA to automate repetitive tasks and allow people to work strategically and creatively. Unlike other software, RPA development does not require coding expertise because it uses low-code platforms, in which a user operates an intuitive interface to automate processes rather than working within complex coding languages.


“The school will create a new generation of RPA developers with vocational and life skills that are highly sought after. Automation is going to change the way we work forever, for the better, and we need people with the expertise to support that. We’re excited to open new possibilities for workers in Ireland in partnership with UiPath.”

Marc Cooper, CEO, ABP School of Automation

“We’re supporting the launch of Ireland’s First Automation School to help fill a genuine need for democratizing the skills of the future of work. This is a unique, growing initiative to train and upskill students to create software robots that are becoming ubiquitous in the workplace. UiPath is committed to providing greater access to automation technology that is fundamentally shifting how innovation occurs. This initiative empowers Ireland’s workforce to compete in the global technology sector.”

Mark O’Connor, Public Sector Director, Ireland at UiPath