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UiPath Revealed Findings of Its Third Annual Office Worker Survey

by Ant Sh
UiPath Revealed Findings of Its Third Annual Office Worker Survey

Commissioned by UiPath, the 2022 Office Worker Survey polled more than 5,000 office workers across the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, India, Australia, and Singapore and was conducted in February 2022. This week, the RPA vendor released its findings, one of which is that the majority of global office workers are feeling increased pressure at work due to colleagues resigning in the past year. As a result, 48% say they would consider resigning from their jobs in the next six months. Here are other data found during the survey:

  • 83% of global respondents have had to take on up to six new tasks outside their job descriptions due to their coworkers resigning.
  • 77% of Americans and 68% of global respondents reported that they do not know what their responsibilities are anymore.
  • Nearly one-third of global respondents are currently applying for another position, and in the United States, that statistic jumps to 44%.
  • 91% of global respondents believe that automation can improve their job performance, namely by saving time (52%), increasing productivity (46%), and creating opportunities to focus on more important work (45%).
  • 71% agree they can focus on more creative work with the help of automation.

UiPath Comment

“Workers around the world are feeling the stress and strain of labor shortages in very personal ways, and without a shift toward more meaningful work, businesses will continue to face productivity and competitive pressures. While this issue is complex, technologies like automation can free workers’ time, enable a better work-life balance, and create vastly improved efficiencies that allow business to be agile and responsive to customers. The world of work has changed, and retaining and attracting workers with the aid of emerging technology is a business imperative.”

Bettina Koblick, Chief People Officer, UiPath