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UiPath Reveals Expanded Generative AI and Specialized AI Offerings

by Ant Sh
UiPath Reveals Expanded Generative AI and Specialized AI Offerings

UiPath yesterday announced the new features during Europe’s largest automation and AI conference, TOGETHER London. According to the company’s press release, its expanded offerings include both Generative AI and Specialized AI solutions.

Aaron Phillips, Manager of Intelligent Automation at Reveal Group, stated that with the UiPath OpenAI connector, they can leverage GPT models to pre-write customer responses or summarize lengthy documents into key points.

Furthermore, UiPath announced support for the Falcon Large Language Model (LLM) via its AWS SageMaker connector, and preview of the Google Vertex connector with support for PaLM 2.

UiPath has been working on AI for many years. Its Specialized AI solutions include over 70 models that enable customers to understand screens, mine tasks, process documents, and utilize unique and proprietary data sets within enterprise workflows. Specialized AI can be securely trained with a customer’s data and optimized for its specific needs, resulting in fast, accurate, and tailored solutions that are cost-effective to operate and that deliver high value outcomes.

UiPath is continuing to make significant advancements in Specialized AI, refining its industry-leading solutions such as Document Understanding and Communications Mining by incorporating GPT-based technologies. Communications Mining is using GPT to generate suggestions for labels, which speeds up the model training process to allow for faster deployment and faster time-to-value. Similarly, GPT is being used in Document Understanding to improve classification and pre-labeling.

In addition to these new features, UiPath has also announced the preview availability of Clipboard AI for finance teams.