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UiPath RPA for Cross-Browser Testing

by Ant Sh
How to Use UiPath Test Suite for Cross-Browser Testing

Did you know that UiPath Test Suite allows you to build a single-consolidated Test Script that works across multiple different browsers and different devices? The browser, OS, device details, etc. are all dynamic variables that can be leveraged in data-driven testing. A single test case means less development time today and less maintenance in the future!

In this demo, we’re going to start off with UiPath Test Manager. Test Manager has a dashboard where we can view various previous test results and make informed decisions on our release cycle. To begin for a cross browser testing project, we will start by defining a requirement.

For demo purposes, we have a website called UiBank, and we want to ensure and test the ability to apply for a loan and the functionality of the automatic calculator on this website. More specifically, users should be able to apply for a loan with any loan amount, loan length, income, age, and they should be able to perform this process across browsers and across different operating systems, whether that’s a Windows operating system for desktops or Android for mobile devices, or iOS for Apple mobile devices.