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UiPath RPA For SAP Finance And Accounting Processes

by sol-admin

UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform is the key to introducing digital labour into a business. Whether automating human facing tasks or back-office processes, enterprise RPA is a scalable and secure methodology for transforming the way your organization runs. For example, for the finance function, UiPath customers can combine attendant and unattended robots in a hybrid automation approach to deploy automation of common accounting processes at an enterprise scale.

Consider an unattended back-office robot that scans an SAP system for journal entries that require invoice attachments as evidence. When it finds journal entries without evidentiary attachments, the robot fills the queue for processing by attended robots which interact directly with humans to gather the locations of the evidence. An attended robot queries the link from a human user then provides that link to the back-office robot which then updates the journal entry in the SAP system accordingly.

In such a way, an organization can automate more tasks, increase human productivity, streamline processes and create a more satisfying customer and employee experience.

Take a look at the demo here.