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UiPath & T-Systems: Transatlantic Cooperation for Best Customer Solutions

by Ant Sh
UiPath & T-Systems: Transatlantic Cooperation for Best Customer Solutions

The IT service provider T-Systems, a subsidiary of Telekom, and a leading enterprise automation software company, UiPath, have entered into a partnership and will deliver automation at scale according to European standards.

For this purpose, the UiPath AI-powered Business Automation Platform will be hosted on the Open Telekom Cloud, located in European data centers. The underlying applications, such as Machine Learning, Process Mining and Communication Mining, will also run on European data centers. This ensures data sovereignty and compliance with European standards, such as GDPR. While UiPath provides its entire portfolio end-to-end, T-Systems, as a digital enabler, offers expertise in the public, healthcare, public transport and other industries. The initial focus is on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). In the future, both companies want to jointly develop other industries and European regions.

With UiPath Business Automation Platform, entire processes of companies, associations, or institutions can be automated and digitalized end-to-end. As it is currently the case, for example, with the Deutschlandticket, a flat rate for regional public transport, allowing citizens to travel across different German states and tariff zones. Here, transport companies will have to handle the processing of up to 70,000 subscription transactions and processes within the first three months. If done manually, this leads to a higher workload for individual employees and could result in delays in processing. By automating the process and using technologies such as Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), employees save time and the processing of large amounts of data is made more manageable.

“Hyperautomation is at the heart of digitalization. It is always about workflows, processes and simplifying business. In today’s world, where there is a shortage of skilled labor, automation becomes even more important. T-Systems has always placed data protection and data sovereignty at the heart of every solution we develop.”

Adel Al-Saleh, Deutsche Telekom Board of Management member and CEO of T-Systems

“Automation is a business imperative when it comes to digital transformation, as it allows businesses to rapidly accelerate their transformation projects and deliver a direct route to ROI. By enabling businesses in the DACH region to the UiPath Business Automation platform through the Open Telekom Cloud, our joint customers will enjoy transparency, security and complete flexibility for their automation deployments.”

Rob Enslin, Co-CEO at UiPath

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