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UiPath Task Capture

by sol-admin

UiPath task capture is an intelligent business process mapping tool that enables you to easily record, revise, and share documentation when looking to improve or automate a process. The tool allows you to do the following:

Easily create process maps​
– Start documenting your business processes step-by-step with either Diagram Builder or Task Recorder.​

Add details and edit with ease​
– Business analysts and process owners can easily edit and overlay comments and descriptions so you don’t miss any critical details.

Share your process documentation​
– Get your documentation to the right teams by exporting it to Microsoft Word or UiPath Studio.​

Accelerate your automation development
– Export your documentation to be used throughout your organization. Or publish your PDD and XAML files down through your automation pipeline.

In this demo of UiPath Task Capture, you’ll see how you could help your HR team by documenting the step-by-step process to request time off through the workday. But this would work for any application that runs on your desktop or as a cloud application.