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UiPath Top Managers’ Insights and Tips

by sol-admin

UiPath DevCon 2021 took place just a few weeks ago and we go on introducing you to the most interesting stuff from the event. Here is a fireside chat with UiPath CEO Daniel Dines and EVP Products & Engineering Ted Kummert. In this conversation, Daniel and Ted will swap career stories, give comments on the new release 21.4 and share their perspectives on the future of automation.

In particular, the following questions were answered:

1:39 What are the capabilities and features in the 21.4 release and what is Daniel most excited about?

5:51 What is the everlasting love of UiPath CEO?

11:13 What is the future of business apps and how does Daniel see the UiPath platform evolving and the UiPath role in the future application environment of their customers?

15:23 Why did UiPath acquire Cloud Elements, a leading integration platform company, and what are the plans for bringing that into the UiPath platform?

20:14 What is semantic automation and what does it mean about where we’re going to take the platform?

24:54 What if Daniel Dines would go back in time and tell Daniel that was working in SQL Server as a developer in the early days in terms of how the best way to build a career forward from there?