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UiPath’s IT Automation Integrations For Microsoft

by sol-admin

Today, UiPath provides over 500 out-of-the-box integrations to rapidly automate activities for Cloud, Server Management, DevOps, Networking, and Security. Over half of them integrate with Microsoft technology and services.

UiPath’s IT Automation integrations for Microsoft are purpose-built for free IT teams to focus on strategic work. Streamlining cloud security, optimizing infrastructure utilization, and supporting remote workers. Creating time by automating the repetitive manual tasks that bog them down.

UiPath’s out-of-the-box integrations automate key activities across your entire Microsoft IT ecosystem.

Consider User Management: a frequent and time-consuming activity IT deals with daily. In a real-world example, IT at a major European bank was struggling to keep up with employees getting locked out of their Active Directory user accounts. In less than 4 weeks, they fully automated the entire account unlock process, all the way from initial request to a closed ticket. Employees were happier and IT could focus on more important work.

The UiPath platform moves far beyond the legacy script-based approaches of yesterday. It’s a robust and complete IT automation solution: fast, secure, and easily shareable between teams. IT organizations using UiPath are more responsive and agile and support the business better. So you can let UiPath take the robot out of your IT professionals to grow and thrive your business.