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UK Startup Toca Has Raised £2M Investment

by sol-admin

Founded in 2018, Toca is a UK software business that is building the most advanced intelligent no-code automation platform, to enable organizations to fast-track digital transformation in hours and days instead of weeks and months, achieving a quicker return on investment than traditional automation approaches. The Toca fabric brings the capabilities behind low-code app development and traditional robotic process automation (RPA) markets into a single no-code platform that operates across different infrastructures and systems. Toca aims to remove integration challenges, reduce pressure on high coders, and propel business transformation forward.

Today, the company issued a press release reporting Toca has just secured €2.3 million of additional funding from a group of private investors, adding to the €1.6 million raised in their 2018 seed round.

This £2m of funding will enable us to accelerate business growth and build awareness of the transformational capabilities of no-code apps and automation fabric combination. Toca enables businesses to breathe and innovate. We’ve built the Toca apps and automation fabric to bridge legacy and cloud-native environments and address the integration problems that have plagued IT for decades. We are democratizing application building so businesses can automate enterprise-wide. This will help organizations shift from using technology to solve just 5% of business problems, to finally address the remaining 95%.”

Mat Rule, Founder and CEO, Toca