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Uniphore Introduced the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Conversational Automation Platform

by sol-admin

Uniphore, a Conversational AI technology company last week reported it has completed the acquisition of Jacada, a deal we wrote about this summer. That also means that the teams of both companies have done to make the integration of the Jacada platform into Uniphore’s one seamlessly which allows Uniphore to unveil “the industry’s most comprehensive platform that will further enable enterprises to transform customer experiences.”

Uniphore’s integrated Conversational Automation platform now combines Conversational AI, workflow automation, RPA, low-code/no-code capabilities, and a business user-friendly UX to transform and democratize customer experiences. This empowers contact center agents to deliver highly effective, personalized, and empathetic interactions.

The integration of Jacada’s business user-friendly UX that drives both self-service and agent-assisted interactions with Uniphore’s industry-leading CA platform bridges the gap between legacy systems of contact center process automation and modern-day automation powered by AI. This empowers business users to accelerate the rapid development and quick implementation of next-gen customer experience applications across self-service and agent-assisted interactions.

The power of the two platforms coming together, along with our future innovations in the conversational automation space will truly transform the customer experience in a range of industries, from sales and marketing to education, HR, healthcare, and beyond.”

Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder, Uniphore