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Uniphore Partners with Probe CX to Grow its Footprint in APAC

by sol-admin

Uniphore is a Conversational AI provider creating automation solutions that combine computer vision, emotion and tonal analysis, workflow automation, and RPA. Two months ago, the company raised $400 million in its Series E funding, which will be used to expand its business operations globally, including Asia-Pacific. Last week, it was announced one of the steps of this expansion, a new partnership of Uniphore with Probe CX, customer experience and digital transformation specialists, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

The partnership will see Probe CX integrate the full range of products and services under the Uniphore platform, giving customer service employees more scope to perform.

We are excited to partner with Probe CX and grow our footprint in the region. Delivering quality customer experience has never been more important, and Uniphore is committed to helping businesses by blending the best in AI and automation with the critical element of human empathy. While conversations happen all around us in different forms, a lot of them are not being heard, and we are working to fix that by using the trifecta of voice AI, computer vision and tonal emotion to deliver true understanding in real-time.”

Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder & President (APAC), Uniphore