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Usage of RPA at PwC in France

by sol-admin

PwC is not only an auditing company but also a consulting firm which has been identified by Forrester and Gartner as a leader in Data Consulting. And the whole RPA / Automation segment is a part of this Data domain.

The RPA journey of PwC started in 2015 with an ambition to transform the business in a deep way and to implement a “digital everywhere” approach. The company started by doing POCs, they worked on the business cases, set up a CoE (Center of Excellence) to build robots, and also launched many workshops to identify the application cases within the lines of business and arrive at the most eligible processes. That’s how PwC started to scale up.

PwC also has a slogan “One robot per user”. It means that each employee of the company, whiсh, by the way, amounts to 280,000 people worldwide and 6,000 people in France, will be able to run robots. A marketplace will allow them to see the robots that have been developed and are available for them to use. Either attended robots that will run on their personal workstations or unattended robots that they will be able to program and launch in the back-office with the Orchestrator tool. That means users have the ability to use either their own PC, laptops and the like or to use something remote that’s running in the background in the back-office.

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