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VenAutomate for RPA Implementation

by sol-admin

VenAutomate is an RPA Implementation Accelerator that actualizes significant time and monetary savings for enterprises focused on putting software automation into production.

VenAutomate is positioned as the world’s first autonomous automation platform, which automates the process of turning manually executed, or broken RPA into high-quality and in-production automated processes. It accelerates time to value in Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation implementation by automating everything in the process, from mining and discovering candidate processes to designing and documenting selected processes, right through to installing and delivering in-production automation. Businesses can now automate all 3 steps in their automation implementation journeys.

The result of using VenAutomate as part of Intelligent Automation roadmaps is the fastest and most cost-effective delivery of Robotic Process Automation in the World.

VenAutomate for RPA Implementation:

• Combines AI, ML & Analytics to build RPA assets
• Delivers the fastest time to value for RPA implementation in the World
• Is a No-Code Platform
• Can be used to build Enterprise-Grade RPA
• Can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud

The benefits include:

  • 70% faster implementation of RPA
  • 41% cost saving for RPA implementation
  • Objective ROI-based prioritization of candidate processes for automation
  • Accurate process documentation, which means less re-work and removal of implementation bottlenecks.