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Verohallinto Has Leveraged Blue Prism Service Assist to Speed Up Its Customer Service

by sol-admin

Established in 1865, Vero is a Finnish Tax Administration that implements taxation to fund society’s activities. They provide services such as developing operations, guidance, advice, and digital tax control. The pervasive principle in all its functions is customer orientation.

The organization employs about 5,000 professionals and receives 6,500 calls a day on average. In some calls, the customer must be identified by asking security questions. This identification – including gathering information to verify the client’s answers – can take up to two minutes.

To speed up calls, Vero tried Blue Prism Service Assist. This end-to-end automation solution simplifies and guides customer interaction tasks, including gathering data from back-office system databases, scheduling callbacks, updating customer records, initiating the next best actions, and more. At Vero, Service Assist was first tested in inquiries regarding household tax deductions. It automatically retrieves the information required in caller identification based on a social security number and assists the service agent through the call.

The automation allows the service agent to focus on customer service and work in a single view to which information required in various call stages automatically appears.


“Cooperation with Digital Workforce Services was fluent, easy, and professional. The best part of our proof of concept was introducing new Blue Prism technology and way of automation, which were supported by supplier’s strong knowledge and easiness of cooperation.”

Jisvi Hyyrynen, Product Owner Process Development & Automation, Finnish Tax Administration