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Version 7: New Intelligent Automation Platform by Blue Prism

by sol-admin

This Tuesday, Blue Prism announced at Blue Prism World 2021 the launch of its new intelligent automation platform, named Version 7. It is meant to radically change the way human workers, digital workers, and business systems work together to resolve complex challenges, regardless of infrastructure.

With Version 7, Blue Prism has re-architected its platform. These changes support enterprises of the future as they achieve success and help to create businesses that can rely on the speed and agility offered by automation as well as the creativity, innovation, and one-to-one attention of human employees.

Blue Prism Version 7 includes:

An architecture that can scale digital workers without making infrastructure more complex via a revamped Control Room.

  • An expanded API framework that allows digital workers to plug into other systems. Blue Prism Version 7 enables companies to program and manage digital processes and monitor them.
  • Blue Prism’s Control Room is now browser-based and provides visibility into digital workers from any device. Dashboards provide analytics on digital worker performance and possible issues.
  • Artificial intelligence accelerators along with easier application and model building. The idea is that scalable digital workers can scale as demand warrants.

“As we continue to refine Blue Prism offerings and define a new tier of intelligent enterprise automation technology, we have prioritized investment in product development. The release of eight new products followed by the major platform release of Version 7, takes us towards programmable infrastructure, with enhanced cloud offerings and enterprise strategic automation at the core. Multi-tasking software robots that automatically scale and carry out end-to-end complex process automations move us away from current RPA definitions towards a greatly enhanced model of robot productivity. This, along with strategic business outputs and support for broader digitization and automation capabilities, is the path forward.”

Jason Kingdon, Chairman & CEO, Blue Prism