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Voice RPA by Infinitus

by sol-admin

Every year, healthcare operations employees spend about 27 billion minutes on the phone with other healthcare administrative professionals. What if that number could be reduced to zero?

Today, a startup called Infinitus is coming out of stealth to bring this opportunity to the world of healthcare — specifically, to speed up the process of voice communication between entities in the fragmented U.S. healthcare industry.

Infinitus uses “voice RPA” to become the machine-generated voice that makes calls from, for example, healthcare providers or pharmacies to insurance companies to go through a series of questions (directed at humans at the other end) that typically need to be answered before payments are authorized and other procedures can take place. Those conversations are then ingested into Infinitus’s platform to parse them for relevant information that is input into the right fields to trigger whatever actions need to happen as a result of the calls.

Infinitus’ solution is called EVA, the world’s first voice RPA digital assistant, that can take care of phone conversations that typically take upwards of 30 minutes. EVA mostly makes data gathering and status checking calls saving millions of conversational minutes and allowing healthcare staff space and time they need to form real connections with their patients.

“Working with Infinitus has been game-changing for our effort at VaccinateCA! In under a week, their digital assistant automated daily phone calls to 2500 pharmacies across California. … We had very high automation rates, the turnaround time for the technology was very low and we experienced very high quality. “

Patrick McKenzie, CEO, VaccinateCA

Watch the video below to see a couple of EVA calls’ samples.