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Webinar: Document Processing with AI Builder in Power Automate

by sol-admin

AI Builder is a Microsoft Power Platform capability that provides AI models designed to optimize your business processes. This webinar demonstrates how AI Builder can be at the core of your intelligent document processing without the need for any coding or data science skills. Gwenael Bego, Principal Group Program Manager for AI Builder, and Joe Fernandez, Program Manager working on AI builder, will show how to use Microsoft Power Automate and AI builder together to automate document processing which facilitates reducing the risk of errors, processing documents faster, and increasing overall employee productivity.

They will be covering five different talking points in this session:

  • Giving an overview of what we call intelligent automation and recapping the different sets of AI-driven scenarios that you can automate with AI builder (1:34)
  • Showing intelligent document processing landscape so that you can understand the types of documents to process with the technology (4:30)
  • Showing you the different features that are supported today and walk you through how to create your own AI Builder model (10:24)
  • Showing how you can use your model and an end-to-end process with the document automation solution (23:03)
  • Going over some common use cases for document processing and recapping the benefits you can generate by automating a process (31:26)