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Welcome to Intelligent Automation Week Winter 2022

by Ant Sh

Intelligent Automation Week Winter 2022 takes place November 30 – December 2 in St. Petersburg, FL to bring you the latest insights in everything intelligent automation related. Every organization has established the need for automation, but some face obstacles as they scale their automation programs, while others are not sure where to start. That’s why Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) brought together leading industry experts to share their insights, ideas, and create relevant content whether you are just starting out or far along in your journey.

Join to hear from industry experts on topics relating to:

• Employee & Customer Experience
• Adding new tools to your toolkit
• Scaling past basic RPA projects


  • Ian Barkin, IA Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Investor, Learning Instructor
  • David Berglund, SVP, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, FIS
  • Joshua Bernardi, Associate Director- Intelligent Automation, AT&T
  • Patty Boland, VP & Senior Architect Intelligent Process Automation, Citizens Bank
  • Kyle Borner, Vice President of Operations, Tangoe
  • Brian Boyer, Director, Intelligent Automation, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
  • Steve Carpenter, Executive Director, GBS Digital, Merck
  • Kevin Chaney, Director, Intelligent & Robotic Automation, Microsoft
  • Benjamin Coblentz, Data and Technology Manager, American Family Insurance
  • Tom Dixon, SVP Consumer Continuous Improvement, Process Automation & AI, Citizens Bank
  • Timothy Ehalt, Assistant VP, Operational Efficiency Lead, Valley National Bank
  • Andrew Enderle, Senior Process Automation & Technology Analyst, American Family Insurance
  • Kevin Hampton, Senior Manager, Operations Automation (RPA), Evergy
  • Jeff Hughes, Director, Intelligent Automation Group, Mitsui & Co
  • Matthew Kelly, SVP, Digital and Automation, Northern Trust Asset Management
  • Emmanuel Lai, VP of Automation Strategy, Wells Fargo
  • Matthew Lavoie, VP of RPA and iBPMS Development, Citizens Financial Group
  • Scott Lee, Chief Revenue Officer, AYR
  • Henry Lyles, Director Global Intelligent Automation, McDonald’s
  • Jeff Machols, SVP, Head of Continuous Improvement Center, Voya Financial
  • Chuy Michel, RPA Lead, America’s, Chazey Partners
  • Foram Patel, Associate Director- Intelligent Automation, AT&T
  • Lee Patsel, Senior Manager, GBS Service Management & Governance, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
  • Jose Manuel Perez, Head of Intelligent Automation, Amerant Bank
  • Pete Persson, Intelligent Automation Director, Entergy
  • Maor Revah, Head of Business Development, NICE
  • Paul Ruffatti, Senior Project Manager, McDonald’s
  • Phil Searle, Founder & CEO, Chazey Partners
  • Adam Smykowski, Head of Solutions, Valley Bank
  • Mark Squitieri, Robotic Process Automation Builder, Valley Bank
  • Glen Stambone, Director, Project Management Office, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Christopher Wells, VP of Research & Development, Indico Data

To learn the agenda and register, visit here.

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