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Welcome to The Capture 2022 Conference

by Ant Sh
Welcome to Capture 2022 Conference

Infosource, a Swiss research firm, recently announced that its Capture 2022 conference will be held at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Chicago from September 7-8. The Capture Conference provides a deep inside exploration of the industry, the trends, and what customers want. In two well-spent days, attendees can establish a foundation for 365 days of rock-solid decision-making. According to Ian Story, Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft, the Capture conference is a great event that brings together the leaders of this industry – hardware, software, and services – to discuss trends in the market and look at the future together.

One of the sessions is “RPA and Capture: Match Made in Heaven…or Love on the Rocks?”, which will be presented by Mark Miller, SVP – Enterprise Solutions at Naviant.

The lines between RPA and Capture have been blurred in the past few years, but it seems like it could be a match made in heaven. As the products continue to evolve, things could go one of two ways. Are the two destined for a breakup; or will they find harmony working with each other long term? This session will focus on the connection between these two similar yet different technologies and what the future holds as customer demand continues to evolve.

There is also an online option for those who cannot travel. To register and/or see the full agenda of the event, please visit here.