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What Can RPA Help In Postal Service With?

by sol-admin

This video is actually a summary of an audio testimonial from Jani Rahja, Head of Intelligent Automation at Posti Group Oyj which is the main Finnish postal service delivering mail and parcels in Finland.

In particular, Jani Rahja shared the following:

– All the processes related to invoicing are very good RPA prospects.
– When we are talking about big businesses, improving the quality even only by 0.5% can save 1M euro yearly, as it was in the case of Posti Group.
– RPA is quite relevant to the Postal service industry because it is a low-margin industry.
– Both b2b and b2c customers require speed, digitalization, and higher quality.
– Posti Group due to its scale and age has hundreds of different systems that were very complicated to operate without RPA.

Overall, 8 Bots have been deployed across the group to complete 37 tasks in different departments:

  • Finance & Accounting – 14
  • HR & Payroll – 8
  • Logistics – 8
  • Sales Support – 5
  • Customer Service – 2

And this year, Posti Group management is going to triple its target in order to reach 3M euro automation potential.