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What Intelligent Automation Really Means

by sol-admin

In this demo, Kofax explains to us what the difference between just automation and intelligent automation is. They claim that IA means an AI-enabled platform to digitally transform your end-to-end operations. It’s everything you need to transform the way you work already integrated. It means you’re working smarter with the power of artificial intelligence to save time and eliminate errors. And it means employees are free to focus on the work that matters most serving your customers. For instance, Kofax intelligent automation is designed for flexibility. You decide whether to start small or dive right in and harness the platform’s full transformation capabilities.

In the real world it looks so:

1. Make sense of any unstructured documents or data in any format to keep things running smoothly.
2. Dump the dull repetitive work to software robots and give employees a chance to shine.
3. Bring your human and digital workforce together, so you’re said to drive growth and profits without sacrificing customer service.
4. Discover what’s working and what’s not so you can change course quickly.
5. Create loyal customers by offering safe convenient options for doing business with you.