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What is a Bothaton from Automation Anywhere like?

by sol-admin

In this video, Stu Gay, as a senior infrastructure support analyst at Grant Thornton, shares with us how they have recently introduced RPA into the company. They had their three-day session in January with the Automation Anywhere, just learned the basics and by the end of February, they decided to host a Botathon against another internal team just to see a little bit of friendly competition. That was a take-on procedure where Stu and his colleagues needed to check against the global relationship checks when they took on clients. That process involved a lot of manual logging onto websites, extracting data, and pushing that into a text file. They looked at that and thought a lot of that could be automated.

The benefits have been really impressive. For instance, they have been able to automate tasks that would take someone may be up to a day to do a repetitive task. They’ve managed to run a Bot which can do that in a couple of hours. Because Grant Thornton’s team is relatively new to starting out with Automation Anywhere, so the best advice Stu would give is just to contact Automation Anywhere and just see what is possible.