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What is Intelligent RPA 2.0

by sol-admin

You might already know SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. Now the vendor is moving onto the next step in automating any component of IT landscapes. SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 enables all employees customer companies to build and run bots for their processes using SAP Intelligent RPA. That means you can give automation power not only to traditional bot developers but also to medium-skilled coders and pure business users with no coding background but functional expertise.

SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 is a totally new experience of bot design, with its Cloud Studio focusing on simplification, intuitiveness, and efficient automation building. Easily capture applications, pages, controls, and assemble them to build end-to-end automations. Use the visual programming capabilities to parameterize and control complex steps in business workflows. No need to install software on your local machine anymore for assembling automations. But having the freedom to still use the desktop agent on any machine in combination with the cloud factory agent for heterogeneous settings consisting of native applications and web applications.