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What Is SS&C Blue Prism’s Next Gen Platform?

by Ant Sh
What Is SS&C Blue Prism's Next Gen Platform?

Just two days left till the moment when SS&C Blue Prism introduces its new, cloud-native Intelligent Automation platform named NEXT GEN with which the vendor is going to deliver a breadth of capabilities, deployment options, commercial models, and go-to-market channels, from a single, unified platform. Here are some details:

Key Benefits

  • Transform your business without exhausting resources by reducing infrastructure overheads.
  • Scale easily to accommodate growing business needs.
  • Eliminate upgrade headaches by updating digital workers independently—at a time that suits you.
  • Respond faster to changing priorities with instant access to the latest capabilities.
  • Maintain security and compliance by keeping the work and data where it needs to be.
  • Foster organized compliance using a single point of access for processes, with version control to keep track of changes

Key Features


  • Digital worker deployed on your network.
  • No sensitive data leaves your site.


  • Create, edit and test processes locally.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop UI.


  • Save processes and objects using cloud-based storage.
  • Version control ensures you can track changes with minimal effort.
  • Deploy automations with structure using a stage-gated submission and review process. This also provides a traceable audit trail.


  • Cloud-based operations center for simplified worker management across all environments.
  • Start, stop and schedule processes.
  • Monitor the health of your automations and digital workforce.


  • Cloud-based management region with the potential for multiple operating regions to manage different business units, departments or geographies.
  • Adhere to your organization’s technology safeguards and meet the high security and compliance standards required in many industries.