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What Skills are Now Essential to Design your Career?

by Ant Sh
What Skills are Now Essential to Design your Career?

Speaking to CNBC Make It in a virtual interview, Colette Stallbaumer, the general manager for Microsoft 365 and “future of work,” said that Microsoft is “incredibly optimistic” about how AI can change work for the better.

“Just like … any massive technology shift, whether it was the PC shift or the internet, there is always a period of time with technology diffusion, where there is new job creation. We really believe that AI will create more jobs than it replaces.”

Colette Stallbaumer

According to Microsoft, 82% of leaders globally and 85% of leaders in Asia Pacific said employees will need new skills in an “AI-powered future.”

The report found that the six top skills that leaders believe are essential are the following:

— Analytical judgment
— Flexibility
— Emotional intelligence
— Intellectual curiosity
— Bias detection and handling
— AI delegation (prompts)

These are skills that are “new core competencies,” added Microsoft, not just for technical roles or AI experts.

In response to queries from CNBC Make It, LinkedIn added that skills required for the job market today are “changing rapidly,” and much of it is driven by AI.

“[This] underscores the need for companies to focus on upskilling and reskilling their workers, and for professionals to have a growth mindset.”

According to LinkedIn, the five fastest growing AI-related skills in 2022 were:

— Question answering
— Classification
— Recommender systems
— Computer vision
— Natural language processing

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