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Workato Announces Collaboration With OpenAI

by Ant Sh
Workato Announces Collaboration With OpenAI

Workato, the leading Enterprise Automation platform, recently announced a collaboration with OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company, to bring multiple of the organization’s AI models and future releases to Workato’s secure, low-code, no-code platform. Workato will identify the right models to integrate into its platform based on specific customer use cases.

Workato’s own AI/ML models (RecipeIQ) that power data mapping, logic, and next-step recommendations already assist users to design better automations and integrations faster. By collaborating with OpenAI and leveraging existing models, Workato is bringing the power of generative AI to further simplify the efforts to build automations and integrations, thus empowering everyone to transform their work. With robust security and governance capabilities, both IT and business teams can work collaboratively, and confidently to drive business efficiency at scale.

“Today, the massive productivity, efficiencies, and innovations AI can bring to businesses are only limited by the scale with which companies adopt it. Workato’s unique approach to AI, called AI@Work, brings the power of AI, Automation, and Integration capabilities into a single platform to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt AI at scale. With OpenAI and its advanced AI technology, Workato customers will accelerate their automation journeys, and easily use AI for building intelligent products and services.”

Gautham Viswanathan, Co-founder, and Chief Product Officer, Workato

With AI@Work, Workato approaches AI the same way it does automation and integration – ensuring that every individual within an organization has the necessary tools and feels empowered to build, regardless of skill level. From available AI-powered connectors and copilots, upcoming releases that will be powered by the collaboration with OpenAI include:

Workato Copilot for integrations, automations, and app connectors: Brings the power of generative AI to enable everyone in your organization to turn natural language prompts into powerful Workato recipes for automating business processes, or developing connectors for applications.

Workato AI Connect: Easily use the power of generative AI in automations to deliver new products and services for intelligent personalization, enhanced customer support, content generation and curation, and thousands of other solutions.

WorkbotGPT: ​​With WorkbotGPT, there’s no need for complex coding or technical expertise. Users can leverage the power of natural language descriptions to communicate their automation needs directly in their preferred collaboration platforms, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. By harnessing the capabilities of Workbot, users can interact with enterprise applications and data in a conversational manner, effortlessly creating integrations and automating workflows.

Workato’s AI@Work is powered by LLMs and custom trained with proprietary data from Workato’s extensive public community of automations, integrations, APIs, and connectors.