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Workato Automation Institute Offers 15 Free Automation Courses

by sol-admin

Workato is a startup that offers an integration and automation platform that compete with the likes of MuleSoft, SnapLogic, and Microsoft’s Logic Apps. The Company offers an enterprise integration platform to integrate and automate tasks across on-premise, cloud applications, and databases with no coding.

With automation, you don’t need to be a technical person to work in IT right now. For instance, Workato recently launched a back-to-office accelerator. This automation handles contact tracing and allows employees to prove they are vaccinated and reserve seats in the office, all through a chat interface. It is enabling IT leaders to get their companies back to the office efficiently, control workplace capacity, and help employees feel safe throughout the process. This automation was built by a person without a computer science degree and without a technical background. She was working on facilities operations in Singapore. But in just six hours, she was able to build this chatbot that works on Slack and Microsoft Teams, which has allowed Workato’s Singapore branch to come back to the office quickly and safely.

There are 560 people in total at Workato and the company has been able to promote a lot of people from within their customer support organization, who joined at entry-level roles and have then been able to move up. It happened thanks to Workato Automation Institute, a specialized collection of interactive, on-demand courses that can teach anyone how to automate. Divided into three categories, these courses are free and open to anyone. To learn more, please visit this page.

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