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Workato Has Surpassed 150 Billion Automations on Its Platform

by Ant Sh

Workato, a startup that offers an integration and automation platform competing with such rivals as MuleSoft, SnapLogic, and Microsoft’s Logic Apps, recently announced it had surpassed 150 billion automations on its platform, and unveiled a series of product enhancements at its Automate 2022 conference.

These enhancements expand upon Workato’s industry-leading platform security, enhance the ability of builders to collaborate on developing automations and facilitate the expansion of automation to every business team across the enterprise.

As a cloud native platform connecting sensitive business systems, security is a critical priority for Workato. The company consistently goes beyond common industry standards in the level of security provided in the Workato platform. The introduction of Secrets Manager allows customers to utilize external secret managers in Workato connections instead of providing their credentials to establish connections. This provides customers with stronger security postures and audit capabilities. The newly released zero data retention feature gives customers who process sensitive data in Workato the ability to prevent the storage of transactional data to stay compliant with data protection policies.

The company also recently introduced Workato Enterprise Key Management (EKM) giving customers in highly regulated industries control, flexibility, and compliance over their encryption keys and their data inside the Workato platform.

“2021 was an incredible year for Workato and our customers. Our customers trust us by running mission-critical automations passing sensitive data. We keep that trust by constantly innovating to provide industry-leading security features to protect our customers’ data. The extra layer of protection with EKM, zero-logging, and hourly key rotation gives customers a lot more visibility and control over their most sensitive data. With the right tools for security and governance, our customers can achieve a new level of trust and transparency between technology and business teams.”

Gautham Viswanathan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Workato