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by sol-admin

Workday is a cloud-based software package designed and developed to manage enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and financial management applications. Workday has multiple features used by every type of organization or small, medium, and large businesses.

The classic Workday provisioning and de-provisioning use case is a manual time sink that can eat up a lot of an Application Administrator’s focus. But it doesn’t need to be that way. In this demo, Kapil Vyas, Vice President, IT & Systems at Automation Anywhere showcases how the combination of AARI and Automation 360 can streamline this process, speeding up turnaround time and reducing errors.

The use case is classic: Emily, a Workday application administrator, spends a lot of her time provisioning and de-provisioning users. Let’s take a look at the process before automation. Emily receives a ticket from the end-user, she then analyzes the request, prepares the package to be sent to Alvin, a financial controller, to get his approval. All this happens over email and Emily makes sure to get hold of him and if the controller again has questions the email exchanges begin afresh. Emily has to reach out to the end-user again for any more questions and once Alvin finally approves the request,  she would go in manually into Workday and then go through multiple screens to provision the user. This is very cumbersome and very error-prone. How could she avoid this? Let’s watch Kapil Vyas showing how we can use AARI and RPA together to solve this application role provisioning which is truly a game-changer.