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WorkFusion Has Introduced Its Team of Digital Workers

by sol-admin

An Intelligent Automation company, WorkFusion, recently announced the launch of its new AI-powered Digital Workforce. Leveraging the company’s decade of experience in automating complex operational functions, these new knowledge workers arrive on the job fully trained and immediately productive, working seamlessly side-by-side with traditional team members. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The WorkFusion Digital Workers’ AI core continuously learns and improves with every assignment and interaction — delivering powerful results for reducing costs, speeding compliance, and enhancing customer experience. Each Digital Worker operates independently or under supervision, with increasing autonomy as their learning accelerates. Further support is provided by the new WorkFusion Network, a powerful multi-tenant platform that underpins and powers the AI-enabled Digital Workforce team.

So, meet the first wave of WorkFusion’s new Digital Workforce:

Evelyn, Entity Sanction Screening Analyst

  • Analyzes and investigates sanctions alerts regarding entities, individuals, and securities.
  • Searches and reviews databases and media sources, etc. to determine the relevance of alerts and whether mentions are potentially adverse.
  • Compiles facts and records evidence from investigations for compliance and internal audit trail.

Tara, Transaction Screening Analyst

  • Analyzes and investigates payment alerts generated against sanctions screening lists originating from free format SWIFT and FUF messages.
  • Scans internal systems, commercial databases, and the public internet; gathers data and records evidence.
  • Compiles facts for compliance and internal audit to ensure adherence to regulatory policies for customers and transactions.

Casey, Customer Service Coordinator

  • Engages with customers via email for required information on account opening and other key processes.
  • Evaluates and responds to service inquiries across different communications platforms; routes inquiries among internal departments to address customer requests; obtains internal approvals when needed.
  • Enters orders, opens cases, or completes customer-related tasks in internal systems.

Darryl, Customer Due Diligence Program Analyst

  • Captures and interprets ownership and legal structure information for customer onboarding or Know Your Customer (KYC) refresh initiatives.
  • Provides quality assurance reviews of documents against customer records.

Kendrick, Customer Identity Program Analyst

  • Ensures that proof of identity is captured and entered into the system of record for customer onboarding or KYC refreshes.
  • Reviews customer identity documents for quality assurance.

Ilana, Insurance Underwriter

  • Collects, reviews, and analyzes new business applications across commercial lines.
  • Qualifies accounts according to company guidelines; researches property locations for prior coverage and losses; obtains additional information to determine coverage needs.
  • Enters quotes in quoting and rating system.

Additional Digital Workers anticipated later this year include:

  • Carlos, Customer Outreach Analyst: response and case management
  • Isaac, Investigations Analyst: transaction and document fraud and risk
  • Laticia, Lending Operations Analyst: asset and income assessment
  • Shawn, Sales Operations Analyst: lead and opportunity management