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Workload Automation Buyer’s Guide

by Ant Sh
Workload Automation Buyer's Guide

Workload automation (or WLA) solutions are products that encompass all aspects of scheduling, monitoring, and managing jobs and tasks that execute on different platforms and in various applications. Many businesses struggle to find the right solution for WLA because there are many steps to undertake to choose a product that’ll work best for each specific company. HelpSystems, a leading provider of systems and network management, business intelligence, and security and compliance solutions, suggests you narrow down your product options, research their unique features, and evaluate them for potential success in your environment.

The Workload Automation Buyer’s Guide strives to limit the information you’ll need when evaluating different workload automation solutions. In its pages, you’ll find various buying considerations and explanations, including industry- and compliance-specific concerns that will help you make an informed decision.

Exploring the content in this guide should take no more than 30 minutes. By the end, you’ll have a better grasp of what centralized workload automation can do for your organization. A helpful, printable checklist to use when comparing solutions from different workload automation vendors is also included.

Table of Contents

05 | About this Guide
06 | What is Workload Automation?
07 | Understand the Benefits
09 | On-Premises or the Cloud
10 | Industry-Specific Requirements
12 | Securing Jobs, the Way You Secure Data
13 | Key WLA Features
15 | Create a Requirements Checklist
17 | List Your Compliance Requirements
18 | Determine Your Budget
20 | Read WLA Reviews
21 | Request a Demo/Trial
22 | Study Vendor Resources
24 | Connect with Like-Minded Customers
25 | Receive Product Training and Services

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