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Your Personal Assistant: RPA as a Training System for Employees

by sol-admin

Robotic process automation has already simplified the routine work of many companies. Most companies use robots for unattended running processes on remote servers, which require attention only when something goes wrong. The attended use case when robots communicate with users through dialogue is less common.

Primo RPA takes a step forward: Primo robots are teaching people!

The time when robots were only used for routine activities is fading away. Today robots are not only performers of specific tasks but also work as advisers and teaching tools. The new version of Primo RPA introduces the “Assistantfunction. It provides context-based guidance through the application elements in the focused areas of the screen.

How to teach an employee to work with SAP?

It’s easy – with the help of the robot!

With its leading capabilities for search and control of UI elements, Primo RPA can populate help boxes around buttons, input fields, and combo boxes both in browsers and classic applications.

For instance, if you want to teach new employees how to work with SAP, Primo RPA will be the most suitable option. It is much easier and more efficient in demonstrating all the required operations right on the screen as compared to time-consuming training courses with comprehensive documentation. All you need to do is start the robot, and it will guide the user from the beginning of the process until the end by giving suggestions and highlighting required UI elements.

The design of the help box can be changed and allows you to use text, add links to webpages and HTML as content. The guiding system walks the user through all the necessary steps at a comfortable pace. It navigates through the UI elements giving the user time to read the notes and learn effectively.

To find out more about the Primo RPA platform and even try its free Community Edition visit: primo-rpa.com