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Zinnov Zones for Hyper Intelligent Automation – H1, 2022

by Ant Sh

Zinnov Zones for Hyper Intelligent Automation – H1 2022”, a comprehensive assessment exercise for Automation platforms, is aimed at gauging how equipped platforms are to cater to the rising demand for Automation by enterprises. The research team has exhaustively analyzed 90+ Automation platforms and specialist vendors on their technical prowess and scale of operations to identify the kingpins and visionaries. The study rates the players based on overall capabilities across the Automation lifecycle, with the platforms evaluated across 12 categories including Hyper Intelligent Automation, Process Intelligence, Intelligent Document Processing, RPA, Low Code/No Code Application Development, Intelligent Virtual Agent Orchestration, and industry-specific zones including, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & CPG, and Manufacturing.

In line with the changing paradigm of the Automation space and the evolving philosophy of HIA, 7 platforms have emerged as leaders in the overall HIA category – Nintex, UiPath, Kofax, Microsoft, Appian, SS&C (Blue Prism), and ServiceNow. These integrated platforms have showcased immense focus on building end-to-end capabilities across the Hyper Intelligent Automation stack to enable enterprise-wide deployment through consistent product innovation, strategic investments to expand market footprint and building ecosystems around their platforms.

Zinnov Zones for Hyper Intelligent Automation – H1, 2022
Zinnov Zones for Hyper Intelligent Automation – H1, 2022

The long-term winners in this space are not yet defined, with players continuing to invest deeply to make progress through both organic and inorganic means and capture a larger share of the enterprise spend. There are several market, business, and technology trends that are expected to shape the Automation space over the next 12-18 months. The space will witness immense technological evolution, including the growing prominence of the convergence of Automation technologies and AI with humans at the center. There will be more scenarios where physical and digital automation will come together for end-to-end Process Automation, and enhanced business value. Newer tech such as Quantum Computing and Web3 is expected to come of age, and will play a bigger role in tandem with Automation Tech.

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